pic: Talon scores the golden tube

The Talon robot was at Beantown Blitz. During one of the breaks it came out onto the field and scored the golden ringer. It also drove right over another ringer, showing off its impressive tracks.
You can get more information about the Talon robot here: http://www.foster-miller.com/lemming.htm

Who brought the Talon? Was it Jake Warren?

Yeah - I brought Madeline (the engineering GenIV TALON). She succeeded admirably at thoroughly embarrassing me. The ballistic wrap got caught in the tracks and the battery monitor incorrectly reported the remaining battery life, so when I tried to pull someone across the ground, Madie just sat there and shuttered a little. I had to go out and pull her off the field. You better believe she is getting a thorough overhaul after this.

For those of you that weren’t there, I also had a Dragon Runner on display. I kept saying it was a rugged scout… here are a couple of YouTube videos that show off its capabilities. The quality is terrible (I didn’t do the video, so I can’t control the quality), but you get the idea.


The talon was quite exciting…too bad i didnt know more about it or i wouldve done a better job of announcing it

Too bad that’s not worth any points.


Way to steal our thunder :wink:

Offseason talon duel!

Got a little carried away

This is madness! This is TALON MAYHEM!!! :P[/spoiler]