pic: Taylor's 2008 game field guess


Here’s how I envision the field. The game pieces are red & blue 8" cubes, red and blue 9" tetrahedrons, and 9" spheres. There are six collection places throughout the field - the four ball bins found at each corner, the tetra bin, and the cube bin. The tetra and cube bins are on casters and may move freely about the field. Each bin is 10’ tall with an open top; they also have gamepiece-shaped openings at 36" and 48" high. Directly below the openings are IR-emitting lights, which may be used by the robots during autonomous mode.
SCORING: 3 points for each sphere scored; 5 points for each tetra/cube scored; 10-point bonus for winning autonomous mode; possible 2X multiplier*
GAMEPLAY: There is a 20-second autonomous period in which each robot may possess one gamepiece, and there are four “vision” gamepieces scattered about the field (2 cubes, 2 tetras). Next is the teleoperated period. The tetras and cubes are colored blue and red, and the alliances are scored accordingly. The spheres are random colors; they are scored by being placed in the proper alliance’s bins, and may be reintroduced into gameplay by the human players.

*At the endgame, a 2X score multiplier is given for each collection bin placed on the alliance’s platform.

would the “vision” game piece be using the camera or a different IR channel? anyways great idea. Also would you be able to have more then one game piece outside of autonomous?



can’t envision 10’ goals.

Agreed - the height may be a little high. I like the colored bins for each team, though.

Almost as impossible as envisioning a 10 foot tall, 8 foot wide dynamically shifting/shaking game piece receptacle? Or a hole 10 feet off the ground to throw game pieces into? :wink:

My rule of thumb - never underestimate the GDC.

Although for the purposes of this it does seem a bit unlikely… what’s to keep them from tipping over?

Wow, I never understand the clues. Way to go for at least putting some game idea to it. It may end up being really close.

I agree with you, and maybe add some pieces that deduct or block points. Like last years competition with the Spoilers.

Very interesting. I’n not entirely sure that FIRST would have so may different game pieces, (tetras, cubes, and spheres) or that high of a goal, but that’s just my opinion. I have no idea what they could throw at us! And that’s the fun of it all . . . :smiley:

To clarify the green bins, there are holes in the bins at 3’ and 4’ high, in the shapes of the corresponding game pieces. Robots with sufficient dexterity could score in these holes. I made the goals tall to allow the robots another way to score - the 10’ I chose was arbitrary.

No endgame autonomous? :mad:

I seriously want to see the end game taken out of the human players control and played by the robots.

I guess it’s “Wait till next year” again, if your guess is correct.

Are you saying two alliances of 3 robots? I would personally like to see something different, like 3 alliances of 2 or 3 robots each. It would make it difficult for scouters and spectators, but it would make a good game strategy even more important.