pic: Taylor's Rocket Pants

Those may be the coolest pair of pants I have ever seen. I really like them. They’re very creative!

Do you ever just wear them around town and have people ask questions about them?

I do occasionally wear them around town. That kind of catches people off guard. People walk up to me and ask why I made them. Then, I get to mention robotics. :cool:

That’s kind of how our team shirts work. We dont have our team name on it. All we have is a jolly roger(skull and crossbones) and our number. So people see the jolly roger with numbers under it and wonder what’s up with “1359” They usually ask what the numbers are about and we get to talk to them about our team.:smiley:

Alex does something like that with her team shirt for that year. She cuts it up and ties it in that girlie-esque way and then uses t-shirt paint to illustrate the game that year, or make a memorial for Alice, a mentor’s wife.

Pretty cool, I like the pants.

I made the pants last year before the last regional we attended. Then, I wore them at the Bayou Regional this year, and I decided that one pair of cool pants and three days of competition for two more events would not work. So, I actually have a pair of “rocket pants”, “34 pants”, and “FIRST pants”.:smiley: