pic: TBA 2009 Week 6 Stats

Web stats for The Blue Alliance as of the end of week 6.

i was part of that increase!
im the top of that mountain haha

Hahaha! That’s awesome! You can blatantly see the peak right after kickoff when people were either checking the kickoff photos/coverage or looking at past years teams for concepts. Then an absolute dead lull as for all of build season. And it starts to spike again as soon as build season ends with a peak at each weekend and a lull at each week. Crazy stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not surprised but it’s fun to look at! :rolleyes:

I’m pretty sure it takes 10,000 people just logging on and going out to reduce my 200-300 page views per visit, down to 5. I use that site a lot, and am part of the huge increase.:smiley:

TBA is just an awesome site that has great info on it!

off topic kinda-----

what happened to that team map thing from awhile back?

I wanna see what teams are near Long Beach California…

FIRST* has that on their site.
Click the map on the top right of any page on the FIRST site & you’ll be able to navigate around their Google maps enabled page.

4 minutes and 12 seconds is the average time? If I log on, I can’t get myself off for at least 10

Same, if not longer.