pic: [TBA] Ninjineers 2383- 2014

This is our robot “Circules” lining up for autonomous on the practice day at the Orlando Regional. We had a great run in our best year yet, including our first finals appearance, 4th and 5th all-time Team Spirit awards, and a Dean’s List finalist! The team is looking forward to offseason competitions and the 2015 season!!

2014 Orlando Regional: Rank 58, 2-8-0, Team Spirit Award
2014 Virginia Regional: Rank 14, 10-6-0, Regional Finalist
2014 South Florida Regional: Rank 14, 7-7-0, Team Spirit Award, Dean’s List Finalist (Mayuri V.)

We had a great time competing with you guys at Virginia. Those were some very good semi final rounds between our alliances! Hopefully we get to see your team again in the future.

Watch 2383 play in the Semi’s in Virginia:




Your fantastic defense was instrumental in disrupting our cycles and ultimately knocking us out of contention, especially in SF2.2.

Congratulations on a great season Ninjas!

I expect we’ll be seeing you in the off-season, at Panther Prowl and Roboticon. :cool:

You guys had a fantastic robot this year! Although you guys took us down at VA, we had a great time playing against your robot. We hope to see you guys again next year! :smiley:

You guys were great competitors as well!! We had an awesome time in Virginia, and really admired your bot too. Congrats on your success at Chesapeake and on making it all the way to Einstein!!

Thank you! We felt right at home in VA, and hopefully we can make it back up there :slight_smile: Congrats on the Engineering Inspiration award, too!

We’ll definitely be at the off-season events with a few upgrades to the robot. Congrats on another amazing year to your team as well.

It was a pleasure playing against you at the VA regional. It was some of the best matches we have had this year.

  • Sparky 384 Driver

We had a great time as well! As the drive team coach, I can definitely agree that those matches against you guys were incredible. Hopefully we can return to Virginia sometime in the future!!