Pic: TBT- 2004 Stack Attack

Throw Back Thursday- 2003 Stack Attack game.

Ya need to throw it back one year further, to 2003. :slight_smile:

Especially when it says 2003 on the display!

Does anybody still have a 2003 t-shirt that was given away that year at championships?

I had totally forgotten that there was retroreflective tape on those bins…

At least the vision challenge has been worthwhile in ~2 out of 13 seasons :slight_smile:

This looks like the NYC regional at Riverside State Park.

2012 and? 2009?

Gotta be 2006.

2012 and 2007. 2006 was like 2013 and 2014, you didn’t really need it to hit the target. It was mildly beneficial if you wanted a fail safe to stop shooting if defense hit you (yet, defense in autonomous!), but beyond that its usefulness was marginal.

I don’t know about CMP, but my family might have 1 or 2 volunteer shirts hanging around still!

We used a busted Stack Attack tote as our recycle bin for YEARS until one day the trash people took it away :frowning:

Our team still has four Stack Attack totes: for wire, sheet metal, bumper materials, and food supplies.

They were actually given to (as far as I know) all attendees (everyone on my team got one). It had the image that is displayed on the screen printed on the white shirts.

We still kept all of ours and can demo the 2003 robot with them.:slight_smile:

Imagine the amount of storage bins teams will have available after this season!

Uh, we have part of the 2003 robot hanging over one of our doors (it was an arm component with a “MICHIGAN TECH” cutout).


Too many perhaps for the space we have. I want to say that we might be pushing 20 totes (just from KOPs).

In 2006 the vision in autonomous was mildy beneficial, but in teleop it was huge for scoring high.

I do! It was a good year. :wink:

I still have mine also.

I… was almost starting Kindergarten. :ahh:

2003 was the first year I started volunteering, even though I was a Sophomore in high school. I did some ambassador work at the local level, and then at CMP they needed volunteers because so many totes were breaking. I still have stickers and a Sterilite 1730 from that year after CMP was over.