pic: Team 007 at Chesapeake 2005

Team007, 4th place seed, regional finalist and Judges Award winners at the Chesapeake.

You guys are a wonderful group! I hope we can meet up again soon… (and RAGE will be by to teach you some cheers! LOL)

Awesome Job team 007, you guys had an excellent team and robot. And while partnered with you in one of the qualification matches together we scored 65 pts, that might not be a record but definitely impressive. GOOD LUCK IN ATLANTA

Ms Jenny! We were 3rd seed, not 4th.
I love this pic, would you mind me taking it for the school paper?

(I’ma jealous… I want a vest like that!)

It appears that in my extreme tiredness, I put the same title on two pics.
Rich, you too can have a fishing vest. Any sporting good store. People have sent me pictures of my back because I have buttons on the flap on the back.
Fishing vest holds: headset, walkietalkie, 2 pairs safety glasses, color coded index cards, cell phone, glasses, tube of waterless hand cleaner, business cards, pens, earplugs attached to headset with lanyard, money, map of pits because the numbering system is a black hole this year, breath mints, chewing gum, chapstick.
Of course, I can’t find anything. :ahh:

Jamie, of course you can use the team pic. It belongs to you guys.
You were 4th seed after qualifying rounds so that is how you say it. You moved up to 3rd because whoever was #1 (what was their name again? I keep forgetting :stuck_out_tongue: ) picked #2.

Mentors can’t get tired, it says so in the manual. SENIOR mentors, therefore, must have a different manual!

Thank you for the laugh this morning, would you like me to spell the name of the #1 team??? :smiley:

Jenny, its ok to be tired. That’s what CD Mods are for :slight_smile:

Picture thus changed to “Team 007 at Chesapeake 2005”.

007, I have been expecting you… To do really well at your competition. Congrats!

Could the title of this thread also be changed please?

what a great system :slight_smile:
works in theory…lol

great job though to the team…it’s wonderful news…congrads :slight_smile:

Yay! =D I love this picture.

I love my team, I’m so happy at how well we did. Surprised even.

Thanks to all of you! It’s greatly appreciated…all the wonderful comments. <33

It was a lot of fun being next to 007 in the pits! Why, we even had live music at times… And one of the 007 little ones (a future team member I am assuming as he seemed too young to be a high school student) noticed that my moose button had fallen off and retrieved it for me (which I am entirely grateful for because I love me my mooses).


Tried to, but that’s not my allowed area. You can nudge one of the other mods to do it, though :slight_smile: