pic: Team 100 CAD

Rendered robot w/o side panels.

Wow. That’s really good. Impressive render too. Two questions.

  1. Did you make that chain your self?
  2. What lighting style did you use?
  1. Yes and no. I downloaded the links but I assembled them myself. It really wasn’t as hard as I expected. I used a lot of patterns and sub-assemblies. Each chain took only a few minutes.

  2. display, with no reflection and brightness turned down.

What are the two very large sprockets on the right side for?

I know there has to be a good reason for it because you guys know what you’re doing, but it looks like a 1:1 ratio to me. Wouldn’t it have been better to use smaller sprockets?

Yo guys must have some reason. enlighten me…

Also, Based on the success of 148 and 217 I bet you’ll do well this year.

The big sprockets on the far side are for sensors, not power distribution.

The lower sprocket is set up like a record player, with magnets spaced out at specific intervals. As the magnets turn they trigger a magnetic sensor, this allows us to adjust the height quickly. We had to use two sprockets because the lower one also rotates a potentiometer, and a 1:1 ratio was easier to program.