pic: Team 100 Offseason Drivetrain Project

If you want to view the CAD, check it out here: https://grabcad.com/library/team-100-offseason-drivetrain-cad-1

Feel free to ask me anything about this. I’m going to bed now but will hopefully answer tomorrow.

Not to the THAT guy, but are those bumpers legal? I’m questioning the brackets used on the corner.

As long as they satisfy R29.B from last year’s manual, I think they’re ok.

They are fine. reread section 8 again. figure 8-4 seems to apply to this situation.

Best to have the GDC answer this during the season. Last year I asked if we could recess the 1/16” aluminum angle into the inside face of the wood panel so the back of the bumper would be flush to the frame. Their response was no. :ahh:

The bumpers as in the CAD are the same design as we competed with last year, and those passed inspection. I believe we’re covered under R29 (F) since it doesn’t specify a size.