pic: Team 100 Presents: Balrus

Team 100 is proud to present our 2014 robot: Balrus.

18FPS high/ 7FPS low 4 CIM 2 Mini CIM VersaChassis WCD drivetrain
Linear punch shooter, powered by 160lbs of extension springs, released by archery quick release and reloaded by 2 CIMs
PID controlled worm gearbox shooter tilt powered by 2 775s
2 6" wedgetop intake wheels, powered by 1 775
1 ball autonomous + mobility bonus +67 bonus
3 tuned shot/angle positions plus truss shot
Identical practice bot

Behind the glass, Doug Muller will take to the sticks to defend his impressive offseason performance at CalGames and the Madtown Throwdown, and Jonny Wilfong will bring his 3 years of on the field experience to the manipulator position. I’ll be coaching again, and be joined by our human player Matt Allen, a black belt karate instructor in charge of of making sure our alliance never gets G40 fouls.

Balrus will play at the Sacramento Regional and the Silicon Valley Regional.

Team 100 is sponsored by Pentair, the Sequoia Union High School District, the Woodside High School Foundation, Woodside High School, Carlmont High School, Sequoia High School and West Coast Products.

I want to see this bad boy and 1323 joust (these have to be the two hardest shooting robots this year). Full speed down the field towards each other and then fire at each other. It would be awesome.

In all seriousness, nice robot.

We’d love to try that, just let us know when they’ll be at your lab. We’ll put back on the 220lb springs and see if we can knock them over!

Thanks! We’re all really proud of it, especially the powdercoat. (Fun fact: 100% student done paint job.)

I have heard epic stories of this robot’s shooter. I can’t wait to watch in action. 160 pounds is huge for a linear puncher. This maybe the most powerful puncher in FIRST from what I hear.

Another fantastic machine from 100. I can’t wait to see it perform this weekend at Davis.

And those +67 auto points seem pretty HOT. :wink:

We’re giving them a run for their money… (but we’re using CF springs).

Team 100 has improved their performance at pretty much every event since Davis of last year. I think this robot will help continue that trend. Glad to see this bot come together. It will be one to watch.

It looks beautiful, but you forgot to put eyes on it. :wink:

I love the fist painted on the puncher! All student paint job? I would like to learn how to do that for our kids.

I would also like to know, let’s talk on Thursday! But seriously, I’m loving this robot.

A lot of stuff was powdercoated my me and another guy at TechShop (a Bay Area hackerspace). It’s pretty easy with powdercoating to get something that looks decent right out of the oven (shiny, full coverage), the trick is to figure out how to make the paint never flakes off with wear. We’re better than we are in the offseason, but there are still some flakes. It also takes a while to get everything in and out of the oven, especially lots of big welded assemblies (like the bottom forks). Masking well and getting decent consistency with the thickness of paint can also be difficult.

The fist and a few things we didn’t have time to PC were done with spray paint. I’m not sure of our exact process, but if you want, I could find someone who would know the exact details if you came by out pits at SAC. The fist was done with a custom mask made by the girl that makes our bumpers, we’re really happy with how it adds that little bit of flair to the bot.

We like powdercoating, as it’s generally a more durable than spray paint. But if you don’t have a PC sponsor who’ll let the kids use the equipment, or don’t want to build your own setup (not too hard actually, from what I’ve heard), spray paint done right will generally look pretty good.

Very nice-looking robot, and the puncher sounds impressive. Of course I like it; it looks remarkably similar to ours. :slight_smile: It’s too bad we won’t be playing together; might be really fun.

I don’t know what the final force measurement on Tusk is, but I don’t think it’s 160 lbs. The shooting mechanism is similar, but we pull the plunger back (CD doesn’t like the proper word here) with pnuematics instead of CIMs.

Wrong eyes. :yikes:

Team 100 has done it again. That robot is amazing and so is the team. Talk to you at Davis and hope safe drive up here to the Sacramento. :cool:

Thanks for all the kind word’s people! We’re looking forward to competing with you all at Sacramento, and really hope this bot lives up to it’s big brother, Ball Frog.

Here’s some more photos of the robot during construction and testing:

Here’s a link to the team Flickr, there’s a ton of other good images of the bot and it’s development on there.

Here’s a video of the p-bot shooting straight up at the NASA field. It almost hits the roof of the probably four story hanger they practice in.

(BTW, 1,000th post!)

That Fire Power i would not want to be standing in front of that thing.

Or do this?



Good thing there is a safety pin in there :stuck_out_tongue:



I spy a Riot Games logo.

I thought I did too…