pic: Team 100 Presents: Orangahang

Team 100, the WildHats, presents our 2013 robot, Orangahang! Our 2013 robot is made possible by our generous sponsors: PDI DreamWorks, SRI International, Woodside High School Foundation, Sequoia Union High School District, Intuitive Surgical, Campbell Precision Sheetmetal, SolidWorks, REIGN Real Estate Service, ptch and Scott McCormic waterjetting.

General Specs:
Weights 113lbs as shipped
Center of Gravity: 13" off the floor, can tip forward onto its claws without falling over
Autonomous fully coded
Driver practice under way

4 CIMs in WCP DSs (thanks RC!). Geared for 14fps and 6fps.
Roughtop 4" performance wheels with Black Nitrile roughtop tread in a WCD setup.

30pt climb being refined, 10pt climb fully tested
Powered by 2 CIMs in a 42:1 worm gearbox, assisted by 2 60lb gas shocks, tilted by a MiniCIM in a 800:1 worm gearbox
Dumps for 20pts after climbing for 30pts, for a maximum score of 50pts per climb!

2 wheel shooter, 2 inline 2 7/8" green BaneBots wheels
Shoots all 4 frisbees in less than 3 seconds
Stored inside the climber frame
Powered by 2 550s (shooter) and 1 775 (feeder)

We’ll be developing software and putting our drivers through their passes on our practice bot. Orangahang will be hanging out at the Sacramento and the Silicon Valley regionals. See you on the field!

Can you score in any of the goals in autonomous/ is the shooter meant to be able to score in teleop into anything other than the pyramid goal?

We drive forward and shoot into either the three or two point goal.

Once again, the Wildhats aren’t…monkeying around. :wink:

Looks good 100! Question about the shooter: Does it always stay in that upright position, or does it fold down? And how do you load it?

Oh wow, if the whole robot tilts down to shoot, that’s cool. Can’t wait to see it in action. And a fitting name.

The tower, which includes the climber, tilts down to shoot. We human load through a funnel on top of the robot, which leads into the shooter. When the shooter is run backwards, it pushes the frisbees into our feeder slot.

That would be quite the site to see - sounds your robot could be the infamous feeder station replica robot.

What do you mean by that? I had no idea that our robot was already infamous…

Looks great as you do each year.:slight_smile:

Haha as in the robot that can feed feeder-station only robot in the middle of the field.

It’s just missing one thing…the lucky sticker!

Haha. But seriously, looks great! This is going to be a really good robot at Sac. Can’t wait to see you guys there! And, thanks for helping us with our CalGames bid.

Thanks for bidding! Can’t have CalGames without a host!

Here’s a little pre-Davis teaser. Today was our first real practice day and our driver is already racking up the points…


We’re hoping to get in 2 scoring cycles in addition to a 30 point climb.

Looks nice! Do you need to be that close to shoot?

Yes, we do.

Yup, 54" cylinder rules. One possibility may be touching the pyramid while shooting so the cylinder can rotate and we can lean down farther.