pic: Team 100 Prototype ('09 Edition)

A perfected version of the '07 drive train.

Uses 1 machined part :). A small pillow-block with an offset flange that fits into the 80/20. There are 12 of these, two for each wheel.

All the other parts can be bought at the hardware store or from AM.

*15 fps high gear
*8 fps low gear
*There will be two omni wheels at the near corners (but I haven’t been able to CAD these yet)
*55 lbs. (That includes everything except bumpers and battery)
*2 extra victors, and three pistons (additional spikes and victors could go on either side of the battery)
*An encoder can be attached to the end of the output shaft of the tranny.

I tried to find specs of all the new control stuff, like the '09 digital side-car, distro-block, and cRIO. I’ve got all the weights assigned for these. Electronics board is around 20 lbs! :yikes: Yes that includes the pneumatic system… but still! Maybe I’m seeing things…

Very elegant and simple. 35 lbs with 4 CIMs on the drive train (pre-electronics) is very reasonable. One concern and one question though:

It’s unknown whether or not we will be forced to use the Jaguar in '09, so I’d recommend making another electronics board where the ‘victors’ are 60% bigger. I admit, I haven’t kept up with the Jaguar thread so I don’t really know.

How are the chains tensioned? I see how the two chains coming off the transmission could be auto-tensioned via sliding (barring clearance issues with the CIMs), but for the front two wheels will it work the same way?

Well he mentioned the wheel pillow blocks were mounted to 80/20 so i assume he’s just sliding the block and clamping it down.

I love it, we’ve been working on a majority sheet metal 6wd base that should come together soon.

This is more of an electrical/programming project than a mechanical project. I’d like to see my team get more practice making really clean electrical boards.

That being said, I’m sure you can see how cramped everything is with NORMAL sized victors! :ahh: If we get the option to use victors next year I would far prefer them to jaguars (I was under the impression that we would get this option?)

Everything is tensioned via sliding blocks. The grooves on the pillow blocks keep everything square. This design has limitless prototyping possibilities. You could use treads, mecanums, 8WD no problem. Just a matter of sliding everything around.

Where did I get the cRIO? Turns out they have CADs of all their products and some of their products look very similar to the FIRST one :slight_smile:

Great job ,

Where did you get the cad data for new NI components?Can you save these files in step and post on CD.

Thanks jim
team 107

If you want email me the cad and i’ll upload to a fast server.

i would also like to see the CAD files

Okay Okay here’s the link.

For Inventor users: You’ll need to save all the parts in the assembly individually (or just delete the microscopic ones:rolleyes:) if you want your assemblies to work.

It keeps giving me an error, so could you please just send the drawings to me and then i’ll just upload them for everyone else.

The license specifically says not to redistribute the models.