pic: Team 100 Prototype Base

This is the finished prototype, based on a CAD design discussed here.

We took your feedback very seriously and incorporated many of your ideas into the design. Thanks CD community!

It is fully functional right now. It seems to turn very smoothly, both in high and low gears.

The wiring is really messy because we just took an old electronics board and re-mounted it without adjusting the lengths of the wires. This saved time and valuable components. There are also a bunch of extra victors and spikes on there in case we want to build a prototype arm.

I know there have been a lot of debates raging about the legality of building in the off-season, so let me make myself perfectly clear. NO part of this robot will be used on our competition machine. EVERY part (except off-the shelf items) will be redesigned and tweaked. I can assure you that we have already come up with a myriad of improvements.

Not featured here are blue-nitrile treads and servo-shifting transmissions. We decided to use old parts and spare waffle tread to save money.

Comments? Feedback?

Very nice! I love seeing your CAD come to life; it looks much more stable than last year’s drive train! It looks like your weight is distributed much better this time, too, so it should turn better and not tip quite as much. One question: how far did you end up lowering the center wheel?

Once again, great job! I can’t wait to see you guys in action this coming season!

It looks really slick and sturdy, but I have to say I’m concerned about your transmissions. Specifically, I’m not certain how well they’d deal with that large cantilevered load. Especially with the extra weight of that pneumatic system on top and the vibration you’d get from bolting the compressor straight to the frame like that. I’m not saying it’s certain to be a problem, but it’d make me uneasy.


As a new Team, you make us feel like we are light years behind. possibly because we are.:ahh:

Kevin, it looks like the extrusions that go across the tops of the transmissions take care of the load pretty well, so there really isn’t a cantilevered load.

Yeah that’s why they’re there.

VID-E-O please?

I shall upload a video soon!

awesomeee thanks