pic: Team 100 Summer 2K13 Teaser #000001

Team 100 is up to big things this summer! Pictured are… well, you can figure it out. The left one it laser cut out of acrylic, the right one was plasma cut out of .063" 6061 and powdercoated. Both were done at TechShop.

Before the summer is out, we’ll have a few more things to show off (hence the extra zeros, just in case). We’re hoping to make a good showing at offseasons this year.

Feel free to ask questions, say what it is, etc.

Looking good 100! Can’t wait to see how you guys use the new bot at CalGames. Personally I think a red/gold powdercoat would look better, but that’s just me. :wink:

looks like it could be an electronics board that is mounted at the base of your robot. Perhaps the acrylic was just to see if you could do it in acrylic or maybe it’s a cover that goes underneath the powder coated plate?

Close enough. The PCed one is the power board (includes PDB, 12 Tals or Vics and the 120amp breaker) and the acrylic one is the signal board (for the C-Rio, DSC, radio and its power supply).

Actually, the acrylic one was stolen between the time I left it at Woodside and the worksession (I’d just cut them and couldn’t be there for the beginning of the worksession). Very strange.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. :rolleyes:

I was about to say it’s a belly pan, but the handle-like thing at the top seems out of place for that purpose. Is the part meant to be bent?

I thought it’d be bent too, but who powdercoats and then bends?

Haha, yes, acrylic isn’t the best material for FRC. I mostly wanted to see how the laser cutter would work on a part like that. The silver lining is that later that day, I picked up some more aluminium, and we’re making it out of that for next time!

Nope, it’s not bent (although that’s an interesting idea…). The handle thing is for the 120 amp breaker, so it sits right in front of the PDB (less resistance). It’s less a bellypan and more of just a board for the electronics. We might do a wood, garolite or aluminium bellypan which this would sit on, as an easily removable component.

I’m waiting for teaser #999999. or #973973.

Suitcase robot?

If we made as many offseason bots as you guys do, we might get to numbers that high!

Can’t wait to see some of these ######'s in competition this fall!