pic: Team 100 Summer 2K13 Teaser #ln(54.598)

With our first offseason nearing, and the robot nearing completion, I figured it was about time to post another teaser.

Everyone on the team’s really looking forward to Powerhouse Pwnage. We’ll be playing with the third iteration of our 2013 robot, Mk. III.

I enjoy seeing the proper cutout for reducing stress risers on the gusset to the left of the wheel, nice round edge vs sharp corner (i’m guessing it was made with a mill/router so the tool had to go past for clearance anyway, but nice side effect).

Looks nifty, I do want to see the whole thing, so the teaser aspect is working.

Digging the powdered wheels. Those looks slick!

Looking forward to seeing more at CalGames

I’m glad! I’ve always had a lot of fun looking at teasers, and now we’re actually doing an offseason bot, I just couldn’t resist.

Actually, the part was waterjetted. I’m not sure if that was what the designer had in mind, but it’s nice that it incorporated that anti-stress feature that way.

Do I spy a loose sprocket driven by a CIM in a VersaPlanetary? Now why would someone need that much torque? :wink:

Keep up the teasers! Even I get excited every time you release them, and I’ve seen the bot!

Over 1000 ft-lbs of non-backdrivable torque on the final reduction! Yeah buddy!

Less than two weeks! I’m dying of anticipation. :ahh:

Must be that quarter-second 50-point climb and dump.

We are too! I’m excited to see what you’ve been working on too.

Hey, don’t forget about lifting the other two bots on the alliance too!