pic: Team 100 SVR Teaser

We got this off the mill a few days ago as part of our SVR updates. Any guesses as to what it is/does? I’ll post the full mechanism when someone gets close enough.

Some sort of catapult-latching mechanism?

Looks like a pneumatic cylinder fits in the top part somehow?

Isn’t it the black (plastic?) part in the left part of this picture?

It does look like the latching mechanism for the shooter, and it does have a pneumatic cylinder in it!

Why post a teaser 5 weks into competition season? Looks interesting but it seems like your finish is subpar. This is most likely due to excessive coolant temperature. When the coolant gets to hot, the machine will not perform quite right. Try using a radiator or other cooling methods, including possibly ice. This should give much bette finish and tool life.

Does look like a little rough of a finish. I was wondering why? This makes perfect since and is probably why.

Coolant heating up does not cause poor surface finish. In aluminum coolant is providing lubricity through the oil in it, as well as chip evacuation. Actually cooling the tool is a distant third.

30 point climber.


For the week 6 secret endgame reveal.