Pic: Team 100's 2019 Drivetrain CAD

This is the CAD we made for our 2019 robot. It’s a pretty standard WCD with a belly pan attached, using Andymark’s Evo shifters. We’ve made some efforts to make the CAD easily configurable - everything is parametric to a master part. If you want to see the CAD, the native Solidworks and STEP files are here:

Why do you guys create the cad before seeing the game? What if it is like 2016 and you have to do a completely different drive base.

Build schedule robot rules. Specifically R14/R15. If they want to use any of this during build season then they have to release the design prior to kickoff. You’ll probably see a lot more in the next week or so.

Since the drivetrain is such an important part of the robot, it can pay to spend extra time on the design for it before the season, both in quality of the model and time saved that can be spent on game specific mechanisms.

As to something like 2016, I know of teams that design multiple drivebases before the season so they can use whichever works for the game.

I’ll also add that a primary reason we do drivetrain CAD early on is because it makes sure we can get orders for drivetrain parts done early. It’s always a huge pain to be waiting on orders before you can build your robot.

I would imagine that this is not the only drive they have CADed out. My CAD/Design team has a few different drive systems CAD ready to choose from once the game is released.

And even if they’re dead wrong about what the game calls for, it’s still a perfect training exercise to know what you’ll need to do for a different style of drivetrain, from things like assembly clearance holes to belt or chain spacings. That training doesn’t go away.

(Good question, though!)