pic: Team 100's New Bot


Ballfrog’s evil twin…

Soon after the code downloaded, it went crazy and started threatening our programmer. He bravely tried to stop it; but to no avail…

Looks like it breaks the 80" rule, and might be a little over the 120 lbs limit.

Where are his safety glasses???

This will not win any safety tokens…:rolleyes:

Hahaha! My manager at work was at this little festival and had pictures of this little guy :wink:

At first I thought it was a picture from the Seattle Regional Social, which was at McChord Air Force Base and featured both a low (and I mean LOW) level demo of the C-17, and the chance to see some AF bomb disposal robots in action. Cool picture.

Wow! :ahh:

If I didn’t know it was real, I’d say it was a prop for a movie. You don’t see three-finger grippers on robots that often… usually parallel/angular grippers are the most efficient design.

Speaking of movie props… what is the thing in the top left hand corner of this photo? It looks kind of like one of the machines from war of the worlds (when you attach the wire-jumble-looking-thing with the green leg). :o



These robots performed at Maker Faire 2008 this past weekend. They serve no purpose other than to look awesome (like most of the stuff at Maker Faire). They are remote controlled and powered entirely by hydraulic fluid. The robots use V8 and V6 engines (respectively) to pressurize the fluid. Both of the robots weigh between 5000 and 3000 lbs., so yes, they are out of the FRC weight limit :D.

The other robot was more amorphic. It had a swiveling head with massive steel incisors and two “arms” that could be used to feed things into its mouth.

At the demonstration they demolished a number of manikins and pulverized a shopping cart like it was made from match-sticks :smiley: There were a number of videos of them crushing cars and other metal objects.

The robot was not running when the picture was taken, so there was no need for safety glasses. Had it been running, and had poked him in the eye, I doubt safety glasses (or even a helmet) would have made much of a difference :cool:

The metal thing in the background was indeed one of the alien landers from War of the Worlds. It had a big red eye that swiveled around.

No photoshop needed :wink:


  1. That is an awesome robot
  2. Your programmer looks hilarious (in a good way) trying to defend himself
  3. This just screams Caption Contest

The robot in the picture is “Subjugator” created by Christian Ristow. It was on display along with another of his robots, “Manipulatrix”, at the Maker Faire 2008 last weekend at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds in California.

The FRC trackball was provided by our Team 100 students who were demonstrating their 2008 robot BallFrog in another area of the Faire. And yes, that is the Team 100 programmer.

The claw looks alot like 1341’s from FL Regional. I cant find any good pictures of them but you can see it in some of the videos.