pic: Team 1015 Robot: SOSUMI

Robot weighs 113 lbs (without battery).

Can handle 2-3 tetras from the human player at a time.

We had so much driving practice this year that we wore out 1/4 CIM drive motors !



Wow. Beautiful. What’s it’s center of gravity?

Your robot looks amazingly simple and effective.

Good job, guys.

Which loading zone do you guys get your tetras from?

what is your 3rd wheel…caster?

Joseph - the COG is somewhere in the back, but once you add more then 3 tetra’s it likes to do a belly flop if we get rough.
Curtis - we load at the human station for multiple tetra loads
Katy - we have 4 casters and 2 drive wheels in the center.

can you use the auto loaders??

What about picking them up off the ground?