pic: Team 1018 - Pike Robodevils 2014 Robot

This is our 2014 Robot
-Waterjet cut
-0.05" 7075 Al riveted to 3/4"x3/4"x1/8" 6061 Angle Al.
-Anodized (first time for us) by Colors Inc.

Drive Train:
-Plactions in the front, Omnis in the back
-2 CIMs on each side to AM Toughboxes with 10.71:1 gear ratio, direct drive to front wheels, 25 chain to the back wheels

-El Toro style intake, although more rigidly mounted using C Channel
-Banebot wheels driven by BAG motors on 50:1 VersaPlanetary gearboxes

-Designed for 10’ shot
-4 springs ~100lbs of force
-Supershifter reloading with stock gear ratio, 16T sprocket driving 72T sprocket on catapult with 25 chain
-2001 Cadillac De Ville Trunk Latch, released using pneumatic cylinder pulling on the release cable.