pic: Team 1018 -Pike RoboDevils - The Devils' Ice Cube

Many have stated that hell will freeze over before the RoboDevils will be in the Finals…introducing…
The Devils’ Ice Cube…

I’m pretty sure Hell freezes over on a regular basis. I wonder what it is now…

Shucks, only 33 degrees.

(And yes, I am talking about a real place. :smiley: )

You guys better call the cops.
Looks like someone stole your wheels. :smiley:

possibly omni wheels?

Invisible Omni-wheel…
You and your omni wheel fetish. :rolleyes:

would look awesome with lights inside!

Now, i know that ship was tuesday and it took you guys till saturday to put up a pic? Its about time, but I’m still a little curious bout it. Can u tell me anything more? I’d say everything is rather hidden behind you ice cube on wheels, or better yet, blocks.

The wheels are on there all right :smiley: . The blocks are there to hold up the bumpers, which we won’t put on 'til after weigh-in. I don’t think I supposed to say anything more about the robot, so I’ll wait and see if we have permission to release any information on it.

Eric…go ahead tell them all about it…
Hey, is this Devil2005 an ex-Devil? with the initials Ryan Mills?

so, what’s your drivetrain?

Oh crap… I knew there was something we had forgotten…!!
We will just have to have our alliance partners scoot us around on the wooden blocks…

All right, let’s see if I can get this all right…somebody correct me if I’m wrong. Drive-train consists of two CIM motors with Dewalt transmissions chained to run three wheels per side. The robot has six wheels and sits on four in normal competition. In the rear there are omni-wheels and in the front there are 10" pneumantic wheels(?). In the center we have smaller wheels that are used in assistance in getting up the ramp. Our goal is to be an effective one-point herder and a decent three-point shooter. The bottom of the robot has an opening for a spinning cylinder driven by a CIM motor. The ramp up into the robot has fingers that open and close to allow for the CIM motor to get up to speed before we shoot the balls back out. The bottom portion of the robot is mostly empty space for ball holding. Our three-point shooter is human-loaded only. The shooter is also driven by a CIM motor, and has a servo controlled gate that opens up after the motor has gotten up to speed. We shoot one at a time, but I am unsure of the distances. That’s all I can think of right now.

ahha! i knew i would see omni wheels on that beast!

Is the hopper material corrugated plastic? That’s what we used. Its pretty strong and really light weight.

Oy! :rolleyes:

Yes it is.

Green house material???

It’s called Twin-Wall (polycarbonate sheet), and information about it can be found here. It is extremely light-weight and strong. And yes, it is extensively used in greenhouse construction. In fact, that was another possibility for the ‘bot name … the Devils’ Greenhouse … but everyone liked Ice Cube better.

So is pallet shrink wrap a legal substance? We were thinking of doing the same thing to protect our hopper but were not sure if is was legal. I know duct tape is banned and electrical tape can only be used for insulative use.

I would think that it would be legal seeing as it is not a form of tape. Our robot is not wrapped in shrinkwrap. That is just the appearance that the twin-wall gives it in the picture posted.