pic: Team 1018's first blue banner

After 15 seasons 1018 wins its first blue banner. Big thanks to 234 cyber blue for taking a chance on us and 4926 for being a great partner and a steal pick for the 3rd seed.

Well earned! A beautiful, well-executed swerve robot. Good luck for the rest of the season, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of you in eliminations over the rest of the Indiana events (and worlds?)

This was a mecanum robot.
Not swerve, not angular vectored linear intake whatever,
It drove like a champ because it is a champ. I’m beyond elated for all the 1018 crew - it’s been a long time coming. Can’t wait to see it again in two and a half weeks.

(Well, maybe I can wait. I’m tired.)

Great Job 1018! It was great to share the field with you and I look forward to the opportunity to do it again!

Congratulations on your guys’ first blue banner. We hope to compete with you out on the field again soon!

Congratulations 1018!

I had the honor of inspecting your team’s first robot at the St. Louis regional in 2003, and again many times over the years. I have always been impressed by their solid construction.

After several trips to the Finals, it is great to see Pike break through for its first blue banner.

Well deserved win!

Very solid design, there were numerous reasons you were chosen for the Industrial Design Award!

I love these stories where teams persevere and with patience they finally win a blue banner. Congratulations!
You always remember the 1st one.:slight_smile:


Its never too late. We are proud proud of your team.

Congrats! I thought we waited a long time going 8 seasons before finally bringing home and event win…way to stay patient persevere!

The first Blue Banner is a special, special thing. I remember mine vividly way back in 2004 with Team 11. Congrats to the team! Just remember, winning one is like drinking salt water, your thirst will only grow greater…:slight_smile:


I am so happy to see the RoboDevils win their first Blue Banner!!!
What an accomplishment. Congrats to everyone… it is about time!!
I remember those early days… I am so proud of your team!!

We went 9 consecutive seasons of not even winning a judged award (but boy do I remember those awards). And still waiting on a win (15 years as 857, 18 years if you include 221). Maybe year 16 will do the trick.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. After 10 years ( 3 as a student ) on the team and this being my first year of being the lead mentor, It was very very special to me.