pic: Team 1023 2008 Robot Pic 1


Introducing Bedford Express’s entry for FIRST Overdrive.
The Baconator

This years robot is based off of our sucessful 2007 design (started with same CAD drawing).
Features include
-2 motor front wheel drive (2 CIMs)
-Four bar link arm rated to lift 350 lbs (1 CIM)
-Pneumatic Gripper
-Pneumatic Kicker Plate
-Wheelie Wheels in the front

Any Questions?

If your driving your front two wheels do you have casters in back? Also why wheelie wheels in front? Do you have that much get-up with those front wheels?

I like the four bar. The robot looks like it was designed very well and very robust. Best of luck in your competitions. Also are you back wheels omnis or casters? I have found that casters, well, suck in most applications. Maybe the’ll work for you though.

shudders No casters, 1023 has NEVER used casters. We have omni wheels in the back, we find the kind we use now to be durable and reliable. For why we need the wheelie wheels I give you Exhibit II.


We have not tipped over forward even when performing an emergency reversal.:yikes:

Haha yeah I noticed that picture, great example:D

Not to nit-pick or anything I am just curious as to why you dont power your back omni-wheels?

How close is that to 80 inches? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, won’t we?

It’s pretty close, but it does not exceed 80 inches.