pic: Team 1024 Before and After

After being less than satisfied with our shooter during week one at the Midwest regional. Team 1024 went back to the drawing board and this is what we came up with.

The dumper on top of our original hopper which could hold about 22 ball holds an additional 10 balls. It took about an hour to swap out the shooter for the dumper on Thursday morning at the Wisconsin Regional.

Which preformed better? What was the biggest advantage of each? Sweet looking bot both ways!

Go dumpers!

Very cool looking robot.

Awesome! I see we weren’t the only team to change from shooter to dumper. Rather than one hour to change over, it took us 6 hours. We were very satisfied with our new dumper. The most noticeable change was that our scoring success rate went up.

Questions: It looks like you use a spinning bar. What motor do you have turning that? Also, what is the height of the bottom of your hopper? (Ours was 45" high.)

Nice job. I was very happy to see 1024 in the hunt in Wisconsin!!!

Thanks Meredith!

The shooter ended up ranked 28th at Midwest.
The dumper ended up ranked 6th at Wisconsin.

The advantage of the shooter was ideally that it could shooter in any direction.

The advantage of the dumper is the ability to score many balls quickly. The feed to our shooter was a bit slow so the dumper is much faster. Our dumper scored consistently while our shooter did not.

We also had issues with the camera code bogging down the driving code and creating lag at the Midwest Regional. Removal of the shooter and turret code gave our driver much more control.

We brought our dumper in as a 19 lb assembly ready to be riveted on to our hopper (matching hole pattern in both top plates). Allowing for a quick efficient change.

the bottom of our hopper is at approx 48" off the ground. Our robot as shown at Wisconsin in 59" tall. The spinning bar as you call it is a .035 Wall Aluminum tube cover in velcro, the motor running it is the banebot motor (RS-545) with a 5:1 gear box

I noticed the only real problem you guys seemed to have with the new design was balls seemed to get caught up in the initial intake area off of the ground. I’m glad you figured out a way to be more effective and you guys did great at Wisconsin. Do you guys know if you are going to Atlanta yet?

Nice job… great improvement! It’s good to see 1024 back in the hunt!

-p :cool:

I was wondering how you were gonna change it up from midwest, and I like how the robot looks like it was meant to be built for a dumper. Nice job and good luck

The jamming problem at the intake was fixed before the elimination rounds. Beleive it or not the jaming problem at the intake of the robot (bottom) was caused by the switch from shooter to dumper. The top plate for the dumper was to flimsy and allowed the spinning brushes running the hopper to lift up. That in return allowed a set of bevel gear under the robot to seperate and the intake rollers would stop turning.

Currently we have no real plans for going to Atlanta. Basically the only way we would consider it is if we somehow win this week at Boilermaker.

We are still currently searching for something that resembles traction control with atleast a little speed for the robot. If you noticed at Wisconsin, we were slow moving and struggled greatly when put in a pushing situation.

Fans? If you can find the weight for it… They seem to give teams a bit of an edge.

Do the balls feed up from the bottom to the hopper or do you have to throw them in?

Sorry, I didn’t get to watch the WI webcast… :o

Good luck at BMR! I’ll be there on Saturday.

Go Teams!


The balls feed up through the entire spiral hopper, then up to a top storage area for a few balls.

Or, at least that is how I saw it at Wisconsin.


driver comes back in the shop …OHMIGAWD WE HAVE A DUMPER!!!
other team member- yes, and it only took ONE HOUR!
driver starts crying You guys rock… goes over and hugs the robot

forgive me, I am tired


They feed up through the spiral just like they did at Midwest. Once they get to the top there is poly-cord stretched between two tubes to lift the balls up in to the upper hopper. The upper hopper has poly-cord running along the bottom to move the balls forward while the top roller spins backwards to keep the balls in until it is time to dump.

Stop by on Saturday and we can give you a demo if you want.