pic: Team 103 Cybersonics 2015 Robot

Team 103’s 2015 Robot Delta

  • Forklift style tote and RC lift with movable arms to grab objects
  • Tail to grab RC’s off of the center step
  • Multiple auto modes
  • West coast style drive

Let us know if you have any questions!

That doesn’t look like the current definition of west coast drive that I know of. I thought a general “rule” with “west coast drive” was cantilevered wheels.

Saw your bot at Orlando twas nice!

Looks great! Though like John said, just using 3 CIM WCP DS transmissions doesn’t necessarily make it a wcd. Though they are an excellent choice of transmission, if I say so myself (totally no bias there) :wink:

On the topic of drivetrains - if I may ask, why did you choose a 6 wheel traction drive for this year’s game? Were there any design or strategy parameters that made you push more towards this design?

No more titanium chassis? :frowning: