pic: Team 1065 - Tatsu, 2007 Teaser.

I just liked the angle I got the picture on.

We will post a finished picture…when we’re finished which should be after Saturday.

Y’all sprung for the gusseted corrugated polycarbonate stuff – nice. I would have loved to order that stuff, but we couldn’t justify the ~$300 pricetag we were quoted.

Are you happy with its rigidity?

id say contact a florida team next time and ask them to ship it…$128 for a 4X8 piece here in tampa and $96 for a 4X6…lowes keeps it in stock due to our awesome weather patterns from june to november

Okay to set the record the “stuff” is corregated or honeycombed polycarbonate made by the lexan company. The “stuff” is abundant in Florida because it withstands the impact of things being thrown at it from hurricane force winds and is a niche product designed to be hurricane shutters.
1251 has used this polycarbonate the last two years (05-06) to mount our electronics too. The strength to weight ratio is amazing. We have been able to pierce the first layer with a pointed object but other then that the material is great. Madison if you would like some of the material contact me thru a pm. Michelle the teaser looks great, nice material and motor choice from what I can see there. We will see 1065 in action at UCF regional can’t wait.

The team seams happy with it. I think it’s going to work great, but I was skeptical about what it was when I first saw it since I never saw it before.

We’ll also be at the “Robot Ruckus” pre-ship event at Colonial High School this Saturday.

How are the Banebots parts working for you?
I hear they have been braking.:eek: