pic: Team 1086: Blue Cheese presents Caerphilly

Name: Caerphilly

Weight: 116 lbs.

4 CIM, 4 Mini-CIM drive-train w/ am-3026 4" mecanum wheels

2 CIM chain driven elevator system w/ RAW box

BAG motor powered carriage actuation w/ 18 inch lead screws and linear slides

Some modular subsystems that will be attached on the field before matches are not included in the photo.

Bonus shot of Caerphilly’s electrical board


Amazing robot as always! I enjoyed seeing you guys on Archimedes last year. What are you using to retain the PWMs on the RoboRio?

I would venture to guess it is Wildstang’s Cable Magic.



actually, there are sort of there for looks. We aren’t using PWM’s this year. First time with CAN. I don’t think we will ever go back. The wire management is so much easier.

The color scheme is great looking and stands out immensely. But phenomenal robot as always! Good luck in all your regionals and districts!

What’s your gear ratio?

We’re doing a 17:1 reduction to 8" wheels off of 4 total CIMs, and finding we still have too much power. (Stacks tip, not the robot)

We have slightly different gearing for our CIMs and mini-CIMs, but its geared for a top speed of 14-15 FPS.

We have found that gearing for too much torque can cause your movement to be choppy, jumpy, and less easily controlled, so we chose higher speed gearing for smoother maneuvers.

Electronics board looks great. I’d love to see the bot in action. Got any video to share?

We have a video or two on our facebook page, but there is some optimization in code we want to do before an actual release video. One thing is we need to get pid running on the elevator, since right now our operator can only control the elevator at 30 percent power, any higher and they can’t quite respond quick enough to stop it.

We ended up having to bag a day early, so we don’t have a ton of video of the colorful robot. But we might be able to do a release video using our practice robot… once nature decides we can go back to our build site.

Can’t wait to see it. And, hey, great facebook page! I wish ours was updated nearly as much.

we have a crew that’s a bit… obsessive about it, Todd. They scare me a little :yikes: