pic: Team 1086 introduces another Cheese! COLBY-JACK


-Octanum Drivetrain (25 lbs)

-Mechanum: 13.5 FPS (agile)

-Modules: 6.75 FPS (defensive)

-Floor Pickup (Double Doozey with BB-550s)

-Mid Court Shooter (3” Colson Wheels)

-First stage: MiniCIM (via versa 1:1)

-Second Stage: BAG (Via versa 1:1)

—Climber 10pt (coming soon…)

-Total Robot Weight is 112 pounds
-Fits under the Pyramid
-Frame Powder coated
-Bagged at 8:30PM

-Sponsored proudly by; Powertrain Control Solutions, BMG Metals, ALSTOM Power Inc, ShowBest, PTC, Dominion Power, Gearmax USA, 1086 Parents, DRHS Robotics Boosters, & Deep Run High School

-Looking forward to competing at North Carolina and Chesapeake!

Not competing at VA this year? That’s no fun!

Looks more like Swiss to me… :wink:

I like that linkage for shooter movement. Is it purely for ground loading, or are there positions to enable alternative firing angles?

Wow! Another very gouda looking robot by Blue Cheese! We can’t wait to watch you compete again this season (over webcast =/)! We miss you guys, hopefully we’ll see each other soon! Amazing work as always! :smiley:

Do you have any video of it? We would love to see this machine in action!

Looks awesome! What’s it whey-ing in at? :rolleyes:

Sorry, I know it’s 112 lbs, I just wanted to use a cheese pun.

This brings back childhood memories of playing with erector sets… Wait. I still do. :smiley:

Oh boy, all of these cheese puns cheddar be over soon :rolleyes:

I see your using omni wheels this year. Why did you decide to use those this year?

I love the four bar. Love love love it. I especially love the old-school Poofs-esque arm frame.

Good luck this year!

This year we decided it would be an advantage to have maneuverability with the cluttered field so we chose to use our new Legendairy Octocanum drive (only about 6 lbs more than mecanum drive). We also found that being able to lift yourself up a ½ inch helps for going over and getting off Frisbees. Also lifting yourself up half an inch makes it really easy to design a 10 point climb.

As for the four bar, we decided it made it easier to adjust the shooter angle, reach out to pick up, and also allowed the movement of the Frisbees to be a straight path (not having to move the Frisbees around in a curve). I found this to be especially useful.

Alexander Kaplan
Co-captain and Lead CAD designer for Team 1086 Blue Cheese

Good looking robot! And on a side note, does anyone notice how there always seems to be some random person working in the background on the robot? Am I the only one to see that or have others noticed the nameless worker in the back? :smiley:

Greetings All,

Alex, Thanks for finally posting:-)

We are going to get a video out as soon as possible. I have to say that this is my 8th FRC robot I have been associated with. By far, this is the most well built and professionally designed robot to date. What makes it so cool is that EVERY part has been either designed and/or built by our students. It is just awesome to see what they can do!

Sorry for the delay. We’ve been busy around here. Here’s a quick video I found one of the members posted.

Can you guys drive over the disks without messing up how they lay on the carpet? Just wondering how your multi-step auton will play out.

Really nice job guys. Looking good!

We have a plan for multi-disk pickup auto modes. Those won’t be seen until our second regional, however. We are focusing on simple and consistent for our first time out.