pic: Team 1093 Controls

No it’s not a field box, but aint it pretty? All folds up into a convenient box. We might paint it camo later.

This is an extremely convenient design. And it looks like we’re carrying mortars or something in it. All made out of 1/2" plywood and alot of hinge. :slight_smile:
I’ll paint it camo, cause we’re sponsored by Army now!!!
I jest, i jest. :stuck_out_tongue:

We made a similar controls box, but used 1/4" lexan istead of plywood.

I think it looks cool, keep it the original colors it makes it looks old and rustic or something.

Won’t the controller panel block your view of the field? It’s a cool idea and looks great as is in the pictures.

It shouldn’t, it only comes up about 11 or so inches off the level of the joysticks, and our drivers are above 5 feet tall. :smiley: But that would be pretty cool if it was out of plexiglass, we don’t have enough of a budget though to do that.