pic: Team 1093 Nearing Completion

Today we got our arm up and running. Its got 3x the torque needed for a tetra :slight_smile: Just needs some fine tuning.

That is a nice apex gripper mechanism :slight_smile: Our team has never posted images to ChiefDelphi because we have never had something worthy. I am only curious as to whether or not you viewed an image that I had up for just a day or so. I had not spoken with the team before posting so I thought it best to take it off the gallery.

I would also be interested to know if any other teams developed a similar device either using their own ingenuity or after viewing the short lived image? I intend to repost this week the original image. We have continued to refine the prototype and hope to have a new version on the robot this week.

APS :cool:

Mr. Schuetze,

Every single parts, mecanisms, a robot that a team makes who are involved in FIRST are worth seeing. Every single team in FIRST is worthy, because Team is what FIRST all about.

As far as the picture goes… Nice simple robot. I like the simplicity.


I really like how simple this is, it should work well every time. Good luck and nice job

How did you guys attach the Spock to the Van door motor’s shrift?

if you look here http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33729&highlight=521 we also have a similar design and we had it before you posted your picture its hard to see it the way the kid in black (to the left of the one holdign the frame ) is holding it but i assure you its the same as pictured above. no one on chiefdelphi would ever go arround stealing ideas from other teams and if you look at each design you will always notice slight differences. The good thing about first is that there is a mutual respect between all teams.

BTW, every one who takes part in first has ideas worth sharing, you should share more often. just becuase you don’t have water cut frames and fancy lights everywhere doesnt mean that you will be reguarded as “unworthy”

Also wonderfull bot guys good luck in 2005!![/quote]

The mutual respect is why I uploaded the pic origianlly but I then felt that maybe I was giving away a team design too soon without permission.

My interest at this point is curiosity. How common is this design idea and how many teams saw one here and decided to build their own version.

Really, I am just curious as to how fluid this medium is for sharing and developing ideas. :smiley:

Our design is much the same except without the simplicity. Actually to say it is much the same is wrong. It uses the same general principle, but it has like eight other mechanisms built in. It was inspired by a design by a different student on our team, which was inspired by another of my designs which was inspired by the arm prototype demonstrated on episode one of “American Robot”.
I think we will be seeing a lot of designs that are all very similar. The problem I am now seeing with a design like this one is that when the robot is carrying the tetra its center of gravity will be way out in front of the robot unless they have a way to allow them to flip the arm behind the robot without dropping the tetra.

Edit: How many teeth do those sprockets for your arm have? When I did the calculations for a similar setup for us it would have been 4.5:1 reduction which would barely have given us enough torque to lift a tetra at the end of a five foot (and it can extend to seven foot) arm.

Our current design has a two stage gear reduction each one a 3.5 : 1 for an over-all 12.25 : 1 if I have done my math correct. We are using a single window lift motor and are going to mount a second window motor coaxial to the same shaft. Their specs are very similar and should give us the needed power.

I do. I look at what other people create and share here. I look at what other people create and bring to a regional. I look at what other people create as a way to fold a bench seat into the floor of a mini van.

Like many researchers before me, I look and read about what my peers are doing and developing, and then incorperate the best of them into my ideas or change my focus because of them.

That looks like a battery next to the vandoor moter, please tell me that it is there for testing only.

Also, whats in the “JUMBO 2000” boxes?


the JUMBO 2000’s are a bunch of 17" monitor mounts, like from a ceiling or wall I think. They are a curse upon us, as they take up alot of our much needed space in the storage room :eek: . We will probably be selling them on ebay to get rid of them. anyone wanna buy one or two or twenty, seriously? PM me :smiley:
will be a good fund raiser!

as to the apex gripper, I did base it off of a pic I saw on chiefdelphi, but only cause it was a sweet design. and now we have mounted a window motor to drive the arm and keep it from backdriving.


Thanks for posting your photo. I think this type of sharing is a healthy thing for teams and can benefit them as much or more than those that view only. I also think it is perfectly acceptable for teams to benchmark other robots, either from previous year’s designs or their postings.

We also have a similar device to power our elevator mechanism (I would refer to your application as an elevator device as well). Last year we had a window reg. motor and an aluminum gear. This year we have the van door motor with a 35 pitch aluminum sprocket. Our elevator arm is protected from overload with a slip clutch.

If your pinion sprocket is on the motor shaft, you need to support the end of the van door motor shaft with a bushing or bearing. Perhaps you could drill out a bronze flanged bushing to 11mm for this.

Since the van door motor can be back driven, we have installed a manual window regulator clutch between the motor and pinion sprocket. If we didn’t have this clutch, the arm would drop down with the weight of a tetra. A ratcheting device would also prevent this.

You can also solve this problem with software if you have a potentiometer on the elevator to provide feedback on the arm position. The controller would provide enough power to the motor to make it dwell. In time this will heat up the motor, but for a few seconds at a time it might be ok.