pic: Team 1097 at it again


Well, At the regional 945 came back to our pit only to find a note that said “We borrowed your zip ties - Team 1097.” Much to our surprise, we were at the Golden Gate Bridge and it looks like 1097 was at it again.

What the…

Don’t worry 945, we’ll get you some replacement zip ties, but iunno about the bridge…

Haha, nah, it is all good, It was just funny whenever your teammates would go by me with a zip tie in there mouth, and we would “feud” about whose it was. Good time, and yea, we were gonna call Mark when we were leaving the bridge and ask permission to use it.


Ah yes that bridge. I knew we were gonna use it for something. Oh well I think we can spare it this time… :rolleyes:

And just for you, I will make your replacement zip ties special. s-p-e-c-i-a-l :smiley:

Feel free to help your self to this bridge I dont think it is much more useful though :ahh:


P.S. We (some people on my team) were hoping to go watch the NY finals today but sadly we ahd to cancel last minute due to all the traffic problems

I’m glad this happened after UTC (not that I’m glad it happened to begin with). 8, 84, 91, 691, the Merrit and Super 7 have gotten a lot heavier with traffic because of this.
Yes, if anyone has a bridge they could spare for awhile we could use one in Connecticut. :wink:

Ya…that bridge accident happened 2 blocks away from my parents work. It is a total mess.