pic: Team 11 95% done

Next one being added is “4X4”

Got in a lot of driver practice today and we should get 3+ hours more until ship. I’ll have more pics up tonight or Tuesday night if anyone wants to see. Just a little pic I thought some might enjoy. =)

so… you stole that off of a porche? :smiley:

Ha! I wish… hehe

95%? What are you guys waiting for? :wink: I can’t wait to see it in action!

I was trying to be a bit reserved in my thinking, since nobody is ever “done” I might as well say the next best thing and leave a bit of room for error eh? =P

Hehe, I guess more like 99% if you wanna get technical.

I didn’t post up any video of the robot working yet so heres the next best thing. MORT’s new operator’s box pot box designed and built by me and the rest of the electrical kids (we only got our hands on the final robot this Saturday morning so we wired the bot in 1 day…the other 5 weeks and few days was this and helping 4 other teams with their systems)

That is an epic operator box. is the driver’s station controlling that light sequence, or is it an external circuit?

Its a separate LED array donated to us by our electrical mentor’s company, Big Sky Industries. Its an industrial array used for theater systems. The LED board has another series of LEDs but I decided not to use them. All programmed via built-in PIC.

The LED panel is run off a battery mounted inside and has those switches running directly to it.

I don’t think that’s legal… Or at least not legal for competition use…

Other than that, nice bot Stogi. You get a lot of props for wiring it in such a short amount of time.

For those that don’t know, Stogi and I are pretty close friends and I visited MORT’s workshop on February 8th and their robot was nowhere near done. 8+ Snow days crippled their build season and when I arrive they were only able to complete on drive module, and the frame. I’d have to say the built more than 50% of their bot in the last week.


Btw, 700th post.