pic: Team 11 and their Robot


I feel real happy to see that even after half their robot ripped off, those faces are still smiling and bright like the sun:) . I like that :wink:

Well we didn’t have much to be happy about. :frowning: , after our arm broke, and we found out our counter for autonomous broke we didn’t really have all that much hope, but thanks to us and Team 25 we proved that the best offense is a stron defense!

Thanks for the great competition and hope to see you at some other off season competitions.

That was such a great match. Whod a thunk 2 teams with no other option then corraling balls(poorly) and playing defense would be able to win a match.

yeah, definetly wasnt a good day for us…but what are you going to do. we went an estimated (fairly good estimate) 50 rounds with NO problems…so for one bad day, i’ll take it. we will be making the repairs this week, as well as replacing all of our drive motors (2 cims and 2 drills)…if you’re going to bridgewater dont expect us to have cardboard ziptied to the top :wink:

You can’t tell from the picture, but the cardboard we put on it has a sadistic smile, with sharp pointy teeth and fire in it’s eyes…it wanted to win!

i wish i was there for that match with 25 in the quarterfinals…i hadda leave early cuz i hadda go to work…i heard all about it…i was the first one to drive it that day without the arm on…it was really fun to just drive around…but driving it that match there was a problem with the left drive side…i would go full on both joysticks and it would turn left…i we think its something with the left drill motor…and two of the strongest robots winning a match without even having an end effector…wow

If you have the planetary gearboxes on the drills still (the ones that come with it) and you run one backwards and one forward, then one side goes faster. That may be the problem…

we dont use the gear box