pic: Team 11 FTW!!


This is the team picture taken in front of the FIRST banner at atlanta this year. Go team 11! And thank you 229 for choosing us for the 5th alliance!

w00t YEA who’s got the POOF ball :stuck_out_tongue: !

John…I’m glad you got a chance to come to Atl–I told you it was going to be amazing!!

Yeah ashley thank you SOO much! i had an amazing time at my first nationals and i’m already psyched for next year. I just have to start making the buttons MUCH earlier in the year… like… november. Haha. maybe i’ll even get a little group of people together to help me make the buttons… anyway, thanks so much! i had an amazing time.

what do you think the jub-jubs are for?

haha george, are you suggesting i make a jub army to make my buttons?

not an army…maybe a coalition of sorts.

hmmm it could work… maybe we could even give them buttons that say “i make buttons” to slap some irony on them and make them feel extra special. god knows my palms will love it if i don’t have to press another 300 of these.

we can add “button-making” to the list of teams for next year :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm you have an idea there…