pic: Team 1100 arm controller

Here is team 1100's mini-arm controller which helped us win the Radioshack Innovation In Control Award at UTC

that is an amazing controller. you have to send me the details of how you did it so i can have my programmers do something like it for next year, the email is [email protected]

nicely done.

The picture shows only one potentiometer, I’m wonder if the toher axel of rotation has a pot connected to it also?

Very cool!
But is it truly feasible to use that as a controller in competition? It would seem like it would get tangled, etc. and make it hard to make the precision movements of picking up tetras and angling the arm just right over the goal.

Now, if you had a camera in the arm, and had that project right under the arm on your OI, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, that is a classic.
Nice use of wood, too!

Yes the other axis also is controlled by a pot you just can’t see it in this picture.

and illegal methinks

Yeah, too bad… (From the FIRST Q&A)

ID: 1278 Section: 5.3.1 Status: Answered Date Answered: 1/24/2005

Q: We need to clear the use of a secure 2.4Ghz 802.11b based camera on our robot for giving drivers a 1st person view along with the possibility of transmitting to the “jumbotron” in the competition for the crowd’s benefit, is either idea ok?
A: Permission should be requested onsite from the Innovation First representative. Live feedback to the driver station is NOT allowed. With permission, we have allowed live video to be shown via the large screen for short periods of time.

Yeah we did that last year (actually with the same arm type) but had a serious problem with calibration. Whenever you turned on the robot it decided that the current position for the arm was zero…so if you didn’t start out with the arm folded the same way the robot was you just wound up confusing your operator a lot.