pic: Team 1100 Ready to Rock & Roll

Here's our 2006 drive system.

Holy Toledo! Those gears are massive! Looks really, really, really, solid. How much does it weigh?

Why did you decide to go with dual rear wheels like that? And who makes those omniwheels?

You didn’t see 233’s arm gear last year (I guess 2004 as well), did you?

Right now the drive system weights about 50 pounds. We wanted a lot of traction and still be able to turn smoothly thats why we went with the half track style arrangement. As for the omni-wheels I’m not sure where we bought them.

Mike M.

i like the C-clamps lol

Yea this was taken a week ago before everything was really tied down.

Help! Run for your life! It’s the invasion of the massive traction wheels! :smiley:

You won’t be able to run fast enough. If those are KOP transmissions feeding those huge gears, this thing is going to go about 20 miles an hour. Be afraid :ahh: !

That’s my right foot in that picture. I plead the Fifth. :smiley:

We got those from McMaster-Carr and they are under Multi directional Skate wheels.

Mike M.