pic: Team 1100 - Robot '09

Team 1100’s 2009 robot. Picture was taken at the Boston Regional.

This robot was beastly at Boston, and the ball capacity is incredible. It’s a shame about the power issues in the finals, best of luck in CT!

What Material is that helix made of, the inner tracks?

I loved watching your robot in Boston!:smiley:

The helix is made of plastic tubes, used for hot and cold water (red ones for hot, blue for cold).

The plastic tube is called pex tubing and is made out of hdpe. It is wonderful to work with.

You can also see it snaking up the side of our robot, holding electrical stuff in place. We discovered (I’m not sure how) that cutting the tube gave it properties like other materials used to wrap wiring (I’m not really sure what to call what we’ve used in the past), but it is easier to work with and doesn’t get caught on anything.

Fantastic robot. Personally, I think there should have been a replay of that match. Oh well… good work in Boston and best of luck in Connecticut.

Boston was fun, by far the best we’ve ever done, and it was a blast, Can’t wait for Connecticut

And Faith, I like that picture, we didn’t have too many closeups of that bot, and this one is good

and congrats to 190, 61, and 1099 again, was a blast playing you guys in the finals, can’t wait to see (at least 190) at battlecry, see if we can get a rematch :slight_smile:

Great job! I love seeing all these Archimedes screws! Gives me many ideas…

Hey 1100. Great robot. Loved working with you guys in the finals. Wish we got a replay. Maybe next year right?