pic: Team 1102 Custom Tank Tread Drive 2010




A picture of my 2nd FRC robot with team 1102. The tank treads on that bot would have been great for this year. Completely hand made as wel those treads were Kevlar belt with abs plastic tracks riveted into the tread and there was inside acrylic track alighnment piece and the treads were completely adjustable tension wise. They ran with 4 CIM motors off of two kit Toughbox minis.


There is much debate back and forth of how to make bumpers for tank treads that would utilize their ability to be angled up to be able to scale the rock wall for example. I assume the bumpers on this robot were deemed legal by FIRST, so could this be recommended as a way to attacht bumpers?


They were, BUT!!!

This is a 2010 robot, and 2010 rules do NOT apply to 2016. Specifically, the bumper zone was very high that year.


Specifically, 10-16" off the floor that year, compared to 4-12" this year. Just a bit of a difference there :slight_smile:


The method for attaching the bumpers would still be legal today. The bumpers had to be made with metal frame so that the frame perimeter would be defined as in the rules. I’d have to take a look at that again to be sure how it was done.

The height at which they are mounted would not be legal. As the bumper mount height was different in 2010.