pic: Team 1103's robot Cometron

This is team 1103’s 2006 robot cometron. It can hold and shoot ten balls in autonomus.

Nice looking 'bot! Did you have any problems with tipping?

This was one of the best Auto Shooters I saw. It was a very good robot and a strong defender at times. It was our partner the only match we beat 111 in Wisconsin (1-8 at the Regional 70/494 combined). I really liked this robot, look out at Battlezone.

We had some tipping problems, but nothing worse than many of the other teams.

It looks like you guys had to have a really god driver to pick up balls becouse the opening for the balls are small. But it looks really nice.

I think we have one of the best drivers out there. He did have some trouble learning to line up the robot, but it really wasn’t a problem.

YEAH! A wisconsin bot! It was a force to be reckoned with. A kind of funny story with that one, I am the lead scout for my team, and during the Wisconsin regional, I was rushing my “List” down to the pits for our mentor and driver to use during the draft. I was watching the TV on one of the concession stands when I was going and noticed this bot just raking in points, hitting shot after shot. I noticed it was 1103 and I looked at my list. I ended up bumping you up a few spots because of that performance. Overall, good job on that one.