pic: Team 1111 - Pedro Has Broken Out of the Supermarket

Team 1111’s 2006 bot in action today at the National Building Museum.

So if you dont mind me asking, i see what your doing with the bottom, but how are you controlling if a ball goes to the shooter? Or do you just position and let your HP toss balls in?

I don’t mind you asking. In fact, I sort of expected questions. It’s really hard to tell what we’re doing. The four-wheel apparatus is our harvester, which can harvest about 10 balls, through the scooping apparatus in the front into the lower bin shown and spit them out into the lower corrals. Balls must be thrown (by the HP) into the upper bin, which holds 5 balls. So, for the shooter to be effective we must throw balls into it. Then again, one thing we need to do is preload the shooter. We’re going for accuracy, even though we can “rapid-fire”. After all, what good is rapid-fire if you constantly are too short, too high, or too wide?

I wish I had a video, but my camcorder was dead. So I don’t have one.

i noticed this was at the DC scrimmage.
What robot other than yourselves did you admire over?
I know I saw ya’lls and team 975’s robot.
They were good.

Thanks. I have to agree on you about Team 975. They had one of the better loading mechanisms for the “shooter”. But whether it was successful then was a story that depended on a number of things. It could obviously get balls up to the shooter. But the shooter fell short on a couple of occasions. Eventually it started making the center goal. So, that was good for them. I love teams that continually make progress throughout the scrimmage.

You also should’ve seen Team 614’s robot. It had a pretty nice way to load the shooter too. Except, the shooter was not that accurate at first. As the scrimmage went on. They improved their shooter’s accuracy. They were scoring like 10 balls at a time. They even had an autonomous mode where they used the camera to move and orient the robot so that it would shoot balls into the center goal. I was impressed. They should do really well this year.