pic: Team 1114 Drive team in the finals

Ok. Well if anything interesting happens with Lindsay and Simbotics please tape it and send it to me. Blackmail material you know?

lmao will do! :P:P:P


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On topic, I had the amazing chance to work with 1114’s drive team last year at the Waterloo Regional. It was amazing to participate in discussions of strategy with them, and I have never seen a drive team so focused on their ultimate goal. Their amazing robots aren’t the only reason they win.

I second that totally. Working with them at IRI I was blown away by a team that just had one goal; to put them and their partners in the best position to win. Their drivers are far and away the best I have ever seen. They work with the strategy given to them and adapt on the fly. Any team could just get a Simbotics robot, but unless you get the drive team you won’t have anything. The reason they have won 800 competitions in the past three years is because their drivers are smarter, smoother, more prepared, and better than everyone they play.

ps I am one of those people that likes the winner. I love Simbotics because they win. I ride the 1114 bandwagon, I drink the 1114 Kool-Aid, I proudly wear my NiagraFIRST hat because I believe they are a role model team in all aspects of FIRST.

pps I really just sucked up in this post so that they will pick us in Atlanta.:stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed watching them at the Midwest Regional. That was a very competitive competition with a lot of excellent robots. Thank goodness none will be at UCF. There are enough great robots competing there already! Any more competition and it would be Disney World all over again.

Congrats to the teams at the Midwest Regional. You all deserve credit for giving a good showing in a tough 1st week regional!:]

I think its weird. Its not very gracious. Dont yah think?

Not a first. In 2006 our programming mentor (1568) was dating a programming mentor from team 40. We played against them in New Hampshire and Boston, including beating them in the finals in Boston.

… Perhaps just a tad too gracious.

Silly Brad. Not about him saying its weird, about the whole speal about him being incredibly “gorgeous”.! point taken!

Wow… tongue hanging out and everything… well I guess that’s a good sign… means your whole brain is absorbed in driving. I know the feeling… (its hard to find any of our drive team without a goofy expression)…

Hope to work with you all again, simbotics,


lol every driver I’ve ever seen (including me) always has some kind of driving face. It’s usually some kind of weird lifeless stare that appears to be absorbing the whole field. Some people have even said to me that I look like a zombie when I’m operating this year.