pic: Team 1114 Teaser

The only teaser you will see from 1114 this year. Any guesses?

NO clue what Karthik is doing but that thunder chickens shirt is giving me some ideas haha

Wow this is the most obvious teaser ever. Lets break it down, piece by piece.

Thunderchickens shirt=4 Bar/8 Bar Linkage
Karthik=Robot will be no taller than he is, so it will be like 5 feet roughly
Box Covering Karthik’s head=The robot will be rectangular
Large black Spots concealing their Shop=Probably nothing important, just maybe their actual robot (Knowing them it is already done and they have already began practicing with their drivers)

I do think it is weird about the large black thing covering the top left of the picture.

I bet they are goin to build a robot!:smiley:


Too much analysis, Jack. It’s simple. Karthik has suffered some kind of robot anxiety collapse, and therefore 1114’s strategy will be to steal from the ThunderChickens. Not ideas, the whole robot. Put guards at the bridges and tunnel now!

Karthik, always at the height of fashion, models what would have been the big look at this year’s Golden Globes.

I leave Karthik alone for one night and he gives up our whole strategy. For that Karthik, no more singing for the whole weekend! Brandon, your punishment is no right turns until Monday. That will teach them!

In addition to Jack’s observation on the central blacked out rectangle, and aside from thinking Karthik’s accoutrements make him look a lot like Michael Jackson as The Scarecrow in “The Wiz”, and that he should consider getting a new hat, I was drawn to the blacked out spot on the wall. Perhaps a printout of the new design, or a reference to robots of years’ past?

hmm…looks like a helmet and safety goggles to me…I wonder why they ever would need that? And I seem to recall certain teams doing very well launching spherical objects in a previous year.

It’s too obvious, so I must be wrong.

Having given this some thought and to add to what has been said:
As a safety precaution, Karthik is serving as a reminder to all of us to think outside the box.

And obviously, 1114 has something up their sleeve (or shirt).

You are going to think inside the box.:eek:

the helmet and safety goggles provide protection, so their robot is going to be very very strong and will avoid ANY damage!!
so simple :smiley:

just to add onto everybody elses: they are going to cap (cuz there is a cap on Karthik’s head)

Chickens, eagle, bird on shirt, water, googles, short skinny pole in box, big drip in box, bird imitator?

The mentors have gone to the birds and are all washed up?

1114 has to redo their design as Karthik was convinced of a water game this year.

1114 is continuing their “no clues till after their first regional” stand.

I pick the last one. :smiley:

I notice that the box is President’s Choice “Spring Water”.

Now… water… I’m just not going down that route… but maybe they have a giant spring on their machine.

Or perhaps it is the “President’s Choice” that is the clue… but which president? Then I notice the hat. So maybe it is a reference to the American President. What would his choice be? Recently he was pictured in the news visiting a lawn mower factory… maybe 1114 is going to mow down the competition again…?

Whatever it is, I’ll be disappointed that I won’t be seeing it this year. We’ve enjoyed being impressed by their machines the last four years at GTR but are sticking closer to home this year.


I fail to notice anything unusual. Bad teaser.

Hmm, interesting. I have visited 1114’s shop on occasion, and I know for a fact that the black square in the top left of the photo is concealing a poster depicting their “SimSwerve” design from 2004. Could this be a hint about 1114’s drivetrain? :slight_smile:

I was thinking more like “bad visual” in general. Now, where’s the number for my therapist…

can everybody stop with the stupid teasers

lol teasers are fun, if you dont like them dont participate in them