pic: Team 1124- 2009 Robot


Here’s a picture of our robot for the 2009 competition, Lunacy.

nice use of the fence;) haha yep cool robot

hmm… apparently in this photo the extra fencing on the top wasnt trimmed down. looks like a prototype of some sort. They didnt send you a final pic, ellen?

Here are some statistics (from what i remember)

  • Helical Hopper capable of holding ~15 balls, with active rising system to prevent jams and keep the ball constantly ready to shoot
  • Turret capable of rotating 360*, limited by software to 270* (or else it would shoot the not-present-in-photo-camera)
  • Shooter has an accurate range of about 8 feet, can shoot at max 12, fires about 5-7 balls per second fully revved up
  • Software controls for target tracking and motion prediction, and traction control

The robot’s unofficial name is “Master Chief”, mainly because of the shape of the camera guard, but dont tell anyone that.

More Images of the robot

can it shoot 360???

ohhhh this answered my question haha

Precognition, my friend (-;

Wow, I love this robot lol
cant wait to see yall at UTC, you guys have any videos?

I’m looking forward to seeing another good season from the ÜberBots.
See you in Hartford & good luck!

Love it, Uberbots. Though I must say I miss the umbrella of doom you guys had last year. :]

The only event our teams have in common this year is Championship… who knows? Maybe 2009 will be another Uber-Kil-a-Bots year. :wink:


This is what happens when I can only go home for like one day a semester. I figured it was better than nothing, right? And then you were here with more pictures… so everyone should be satisfied.

haha, nice lattice, guys! where did you get that idea from? :smiley:

We miss it too, qbranch ):
We figured, though, that an umbrella of doom design this year may not fare so well with the referee’s, so we came up with the fence of doom

thanks for the compliments guys (:

practice bot?

if not can we expect a post of your real robot:)

Billy posted some final robot pictures above: http://picasaweb.google.com/shadowstrike32/Uberbots2009#

That’s a lot different from some of the things I’ve seen here. Good job.