pic: Team #1132 Final Robot

Here's Rambo Raptar, (or Rambetty as some team members have nicknamed it) just before being loaded into the crate.
We focus mainly on 3 pt shots, but can unload to 1 pointers if needed.
Hopper holds around 15-16ish balls. Floor gathering mechanism on the front (not quite visible at this angle)
Camera for autonomous 3 pt shots.
My only hope is that the judges consider all the lexan around the shooter enough coverage… it looks like space from this angle, but in person its quite covered…
We hit the goal dead on from 11 ft, and have (I'd estimate) a ± 2 or 3 ft tolerance on the shooter in terms of distance.
We had to scrap our turret and manual angle adjustment, but decided to simplify the design quite a bit to just "Get it working very well", and it does just that :slight_smile:
Good luck to everyone, and see you at VCU!

Nice robot the only two things that I would worry about is the protection of your camera and the color of the writing on the lexan, from what ive heard you are not aloud to have anything on your robot that can mess with other teams cameras (green numbers). NICE BOT though

There is a little lexan 3 sided shield around the back of the camera…If we find we need more coverage we’ll add it at comps…
About the team numbers, That was my thought as well. I think with the “varying light conditions” it won’t be much of an issue. Believe me, we don’t want to become a target of auto bots!
The rule is based more against anything done with the intent to interfere; we’re not trying to here. Just ended up being the team numbers we had access to.
Thanks for the comments :smiley:
Anyone else have any questions/comments? We could really use some feedback :o

Ahhhh, the zip tie curtain, brings back memories of last year…
Why the zip ties? no loading zones, don’t think it would protect the bot from balls rolling under. Hmmmm could it be… no it couldn’t… or maybe?..No no no… hmmmm

Could it be to keep balls from rolling under the robot?

Yes the infamous zip tie skirt.
It’s to help from balls rolling under, though it seems alot of the zip ties were pushed inward for this pic(they need to be out a bit to scoot along the balls)
it goes the perimeter of our chassis I believe…thoug the back looks a bit too bald (the shooter is actially the back of the bot, this is a back shot, though we actively switch which side is front/back in a match with our Reverse Drive switch).

Nice looking bot.
Nice shielding of your shooter.
I agree with MarsBOtkid, you may want to consider putting a shield OVER the camera. Allot of balls will be dropping from the sky :ahh: The servos won’t take much punishment till the gears strip. Just my $0.02.

How well does the zip tie skirt work on carpet?

Works pretty well actually, just got to make sure the zip ties are facing the right direction. :smiley: