pic: Team 1153 late night

School was closed Friday for the blizzard, so some of us worked all night until the snow started flying. Our space is in a separate building next to the high school and with the lights on very visible. Thanks to our police for their concern. Hope this is the only way we get into the newspaper’s police blotter!

I wish I could say the police have never visited our build space either.

However they did let us use their radar gun to test the velocity of what ever we we throwing or firing that year.

Haha, my oldest brother told me this same thing happened to him back in 2000 when he and friends were leaving 11’s high school around 2am after a build night! Funny stuff :slight_smile:

Just last year while we were doing some tweaks and fixes a few nights before the Queen City regional the police knocked on the backdoor of our shop’s building. We were expecting one of the mentors to be back with a late night snack- so we were pretty surprised to see it was them.

2006, Aim High, we were not allowed to exceed 12m/s or so. To test this, before we got our high speed camera from our sponsor, we had a state trooper come out and we shot poof balls at his car. At the time troopers radar guns were mounted and not removable. So here we are in the school parking lot bouncing poof balls of the troopers windshield.

Love it!

The first long night we spent in our new site brought a local sheriff to visit up when we were leaving. They now come by to check on us from time to time. It’s reassuring if nothing else.

This made my day! There are no cops that come to our school, so we usually park in the handicapped spots

you might in in a robotics team if…

This was my first thought on the post :slight_smile:

Lol good times, funny how many teams have had the same thing happen to them.

Also remember earlier last season opening the door about 11:30 pm to get some fresh air and a police car was staring me down, that was a fun conversation lol.

We have never had the police but we did have the fire department a few kickoffs ago due to a toaster accident.

We’ve had the DOT come on by when we didn’t have access to a scale the day before bag and tag last year.

Several of us went outside the school very late at night to blow off some steam and slead on some tubes a few years back. A very confused police oficer was doing paperwork in the school parkinglot.