pic: Team 1156 - Weight Measure

Late at night, about 2 a.m., pulling our hair out to try to discover a manner to eliminate weight… We got it! We eliminated one part of our “elevator”!

After a professional weight measurement session (picture), we discovered the bot´s new weight: 58 Kg!

Nothing like hark work and precision! Actuallu, that was a relief for us because we´ve to ship our robot today…

Just wondering why you have to ship today? Also, is that bathroom scale really that accurate for all of that weight you have distributed all over the place?

Just curious
Nathan Pell

We have to ship today because we have a big holiday coming soon (carnival), and it´s 3 to 4 days holiday… I really hate carnival and everything related to it… everything stops working, everything closes for days…

Still there´s a chance that our bot doesn´t arrive to the US in the due time to compete.

They are from Brazil and competing at one of the first regional when they go to NJ. Things take longer to ship international. Especially when they aren’t priority. I was wondering if you guys have to put up your own shipping cost or if everyone gets free shipping. That would be a huge cost for you guys if they didn’t. And yeah, I don’t know how accurate that scale would be. It was definitely tilted to one size. I hope it was right and good luck in NJ.

That i just amazing you got it done that fast! I am really impressed!

Nathan Pell

We were able to deal with the costs, not that it was easy, but anyway, it doesn’t matter, if there is a problem you can’t stay starring at it you have to do something in order to solve it, or at least try to! :smiley: Well, the worst is that there is still a lot of burocracy, and the process to ship the robot takes more time than it should. There are lots of documents and steps that have to be followed carefully in order to avoid other problems. But our fingers are crossed, and everything should flow! :slight_smile: We’re glad to know that you guys worry about these things, thanks :slight_smile: