pic: Team 116 Modular Control System

The control system for ED v6.0 for 2005. When closed up and placed in the robot, the electronics box is 7" x 8" x 13". The fans on the top and bottom turn the inner volume into a wind tunnel, with airflow across every component. The entire system can be removed from the robot in 30 seconds. Just disconnect the battery, unplug two power cable harnesses, unplug two sensor cable harnesses, and open two cabinet latches to mechanically detach it from the robot frame. Once removed, pop off the lid and the entire box opens on hinges to fold flat for servicing on the workbench (or in the pits).

WHOA. Just, WHOA. :ahh:

That is without a doubt the niftiest electrical “board” I’ve seen… awesome job, Dave and team.

Darn NASA people and their ideas :smiley:
Actually, my bet is a 116 student came up with it.
Dave, this is great stuff. I’ve been collecting ideas for a new (2006) rookie team at my school. This puppy is going on the list. My only question is, Can your robot place tetras and deliver Krispy Kremes to team mentors in autonomous mode?

I would love to know how that works out… especially with the heat issue…

Does look like you got that covered, what a neat way to make sure aluminum filings dont get in the victors!

When I see stuff like that, sometimes I say, “That’s BRILLIANT, why didn’t I think of that?”

But I never like the answer.

I guess we’ll just have to think of a brilliant design like that for next year. Thank you for sharing the idea… it really is a good one.

Looks great! We tried one of those this year, but unfortunately it was built and designed by a couple of freshmen. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. It didn’t even fit into our frame. We were going to call it the Brain Box. (I think it’s pretty catchy:D ) Good luck and I hope to see ya guys at nats.

We suspected some Junkin brother spycraft when we saw that guy. Lucien hasn’t talked yet, but a few more turns of the thumbscrews oughta do it.

I’ll have to post pics of our monstrosity of a controls box when I remember my camera. It unfolds similarly, but we got the bright idea of putting an accumulator, 4 solenoids, and a mess o’ hoses in there too. It ain’t pretty.

Do you have a mirror or something to be able to see the RC lights? Our resident inspector complained and complained about not being able to see ours until we slid the brain forward an inch.

Edit - Pics:

Connector Plate:


We’ve allotted an hour on Thursday for our inspection. :slight_smile:

That is one nice box. We tried folding some items in last year to protect the main rc board but the inspectors made us turn the board to the outside so they could see the lights by just looking down at the robot. Have you run into this same problem before?

Very impressive dave,
I myself had attempted something like this several years ago and failed miserably and have considered it several times since then, you however have suceeded!

Kudos to you sir!

One question as brought up in the above post, how easy is it to see the lights on the RC and Victors?


Wow! Awesome idea. Good way to keep bits of metal out…though if it does get in it’ll get in everything. :ahh:

How much does it weigh though? and how does it mount to the robot?

This is similar to what we (Team 638) have done the last two years, though done better than we did.

Two years ago I built and designed theitegrated control box that won Leadership in Control at the VCU regional. Last year we were able to move to shelves so the control box itself could come apart into seperate pieces.

Our goal for this year has been to actually drop in the control box, much like a stick of RAM in a computer and are nearing that goal. By dropping in we can eliminate the nasty plug-in blocks that are still present in your design,

I’ll see if I can post a pic in the next couple of days, or give us a visit at the VCU regional, it should be great.


What type of wire connectors are those on the outside of the box? Those look awesome! It will solve a ton of problems on our robot…

One question though, how are you able to see the lights on the victors and the RC while the box is in your robot?

Whoever built that… You are my new hero! :]

this box brings me to tears… I love it so much.

I wanted to make a box similar to this one this year. But had to settle for just a flat panel instead because of space issues.

Great work!!!


I like it… A LOT!

For some reason it reminds me of Bonsai Kittens.


I think people missed the point raise earlier.
Can you see the blinking lights?
You may not pass inspection unless the inspector can see them…

It is an awesome design though.

Dane are electrical persons gotta see this.

its neat double kudos! :slight_smile:

True, don’t they need to be visible at all times? We were thinking about doing a tetra shaped box for our electronics but we realized that we would have a space issue and it would be hard to see and access the robot controller.

Also covered in this thread:

<R57> The Robot Controller must be positioned within the robot so that its indicator lights may be seen during inspection and during operation in a match. This will greatly facilitate analysis in case of problems.

As an Inspector, the LEDs on the RC must be visible without opening/removing anything during the match. This is due to the time sensitive nature of the competition. The IFI rep checks each robot before each match.

I still think the bonsai kitten is a better non-functional decoration.

exquisite, just beautiful. beats all the others I’ve seen by far, I wonder if anyone can beat it.