pic: Team 116 Teaser #2

Wow, those gears certainly look different (and a lot lighter!) after a few days in the shop!

Wow that is awesome :ahh: . It certainly looks like omni wheels that have hollowed out gears attached to them using little peg things. Very cool stuff.

is each wheel a different stage of how you put your wheels together?

Dave…weren’t their six gears in the last pic??
What happened to the other two? :wink:
Also…they look pretty sweet

i love the pic dave. they look shiny :]

Looks awesome.

How’s the rest of the robot coming along? Any teasers of a manipulator perhaps?

It’s about time.


Nice 8inch omni’s…I find it odd that there is a keyway where a bearing normally goes though… :confused: who know’s what Dave’s thinkin’? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I assumed he was just using the stock A&M hub to support the wheels and the gear would do the driving.

Nope, the gears will be supporting the wheels.

Errr, anyone else very confused? I really am entirely clueless. I can’t even think of a ridiculous reason why you might do that, forget the very good one I’m sure Mr. Lavery has…


His other two gears are on Mars.

Omni-wheels rock!

evil laugh
Wow, my dad’s sadistic nature is rubbing off on me. :stuck_out_tongue:
And you thought he could just puzzle you with game hints…

Dave can puzzle you in almost anything if he cares to :rolleyes:. And Sean…not much of his sadistic nature has rubbed off on you…yet.

so you guys are using 4 wheels, but not 3 …ah