pic: Team 11's Cart

The cart we made is made from extruded aluminum, diamond plate and acrylic. We put drawers to keep tools and essential parts. We put blue neon lights under it and we also put in a cd player and two speakers.

We have numbers just like those. But that cart has got to be expensive with all the extrusion and diamond plate.

This cart was built by the people that build the drive train from our robot. we used a jump starter battery to power everything. We used a cd player from a car and speakers that were given to us by Mr. Marvin part of the electrical team. The cart is covered in diamond plate. The drawer fronts are also covered in diamond plate. We us the drawers to hiold various tools, motors and essential parts. Danny Marvin designed the Team 11 that was cut out of the diamond plate. And we used acrylic on the part that the robot sits on. And we used two 36" blue neon bulbs and screwed them into the extruded underneath the cart. We put alot of time and effort into this cart. It will be upgraded and used year after year.

geez we cant even get the handle from our cart to stay on lol. and our robot likes to slide off too.

Nice cart guys. Although, I would have to say that one of the best cart’s out there is Team Buzz’s. I don’t have any pics, but if somebody does, please post them. Their cart is amazing.

we had some really good reactions to our cart when we were wheeling our robot up to the queing area. Everyone turned around and watched us. Everyone would say oh man look at that cart.

Thats a nice lookin cart, be better if there was some more light, to see it better…

If you want to see a Real Nice Cart, come to GLR, and find 548!! Anyone that saw it last year at GLR, Pitts, or Nats will remember it, but now its bigger and better!!

If any other team wants to see our cart, you can come and see it at Chesepeake or South Carolina. Team 11 is hungry this year, don’t get in our way…you’ll regret it this year!

Once again at chesepeake everyone was asking us about or cart and so amazed by our cart…we had a couple kids asking us questions for like 20 minutes about it…our cart really draws a lot of attention from everyone…If you wanna see it come to the Palmetto regional

We’re currently working on a cart to be used at Nationals. Can’t wait to unveil it. I think it’s deffinitely a good cart considering we’re still a first-year-team. Can’t wait to show it off.