pic: Team 121 Picture 1

Ah, there she is. Probably the robot I’ve been waiting for the most because of the ingenius (and beautiful) design back in 2002. I can’t wait to see her at competition.

Yay! Another gumball machine style hopper! I love it! :smiley:

121 sure knows how to suck! hahaha yeah, that was lame…you can all stone me after Boston.

Wow guys. That looks great. Is it a turreting shooter i see mounted on top of the hopper as well? Great job again.

yes it is a turret to an extent thats all ill say =D



your hopper rotates to turn the “screw” to feed balls down into the intake belts…ingenious (assuming im correct)

Somewhat, the ball just goes to the hoper in a helix pattern. Once it is at the bottom, the silo brings it up to the shooter. The only reason it rotates is to aim the shooter in a more precise mater than to just use the drive train. It is a little unclear but our shooter is shooting from the side and not from the front.

Thats one impressive robot. Its got just about everything. You’ve got the same drive train as last year which seemed to be liquid smooth and strong. You have a nice collector, a large storage area(I’m guessing about 25 balls) and a turreted shooter. Looks like you’ll be a dominate force yet again. Plus you multicolored polycord, and nothing is cooler than lots of polycord. :slight_smile:

Looks great. Nice and aerodynamic :rolleyes:
What is your rate of fire?

I expected to see your belt situation like you did back in 2002

I got goosebumps test-driving this machine as it picked up a line of balls. The resemblance to 2002 is there, but only one peice of wood this time… Aluminum is the way to go and wait until you see our 15 lb. control board. It matches the robot quite well. See everyone at Boston!


Well done. I wish we would go up to the Boston Regionals, but unfortunately we don’t have the money. So, we’re staying right at home at Chesapeake and doing things the hard way.

I like how you guys combined bin, harvester, and shooter into a big complex. It sure makes it much easier to use what you got.

Is it from a diversity of mentors’ abilities or is it from a diversity of sponsors that helped you all with the machine? It’s just a curious question. If you have an answer, send it to me via PM.

It looks like it would harvest very fast. O.o

This is a nice looking machine. I hope you do well.
Gil - Metal In Motion 343

The idea came entirely from the students. We as mentors are here to facilitate those ideas and I believe we did that and had lots of fun too. We have one main sponsor (NAVSEA) and as long as students are learning and having fun they don’t mind what we build.